The Code of Conduct identifies the standards of behaviour, required of all participants while traveling to, participating at, and returning from the Alberta Games.

All athletes, coaches and chaperones shall:

1. Represent their Zone and their sport as goodwill ambassadors, with commitment, dignity, personal integrity and within the spirit of good sportsmanship at all times both in and out of competition.

2. Show respect for:

  • The Members of their own team and of the entire contingent representing their Zone
  • The Members of all teams competing from other Zones
  • The Rules and Standards set down by the Provincial Sport Association and the host community,
  • The Mission Staff
  • The Officials’ decision
  • The people of the host community including staff, volunteers, spectators, local business personnel, etc.

3. Abide by the accommodation policy, which stipulates that all athletes, coaches and chaperones shall:

  • Reside in their assigned Games accommodations,
  • Abide by the 11:00 pm curfew throughout the entire games.

4. Attend the Opening Ceremonies for the Games, wearing the provided Zone identification attire.

5. No alcohol or illegal drug substances shall be consumed by Alberta Games athletes, Coaches or Officials.

  • No tobacco, alcohol or illegal drug substance may be brought into, or consumed in any Athlete Village, Games venue, or Games vehicle designed for athlete transportation.

In addition, all coaches and chaperones shall:

6. Set a positive example for their athletes by complying with all policies, rules and standards of conduct. Act in the best interest of the athlete, avoiding all unsafe and unacceptable circumstances, and seeking advice of appropriate medical personnel before deciding if an injured athlete is to resume competition.

7. Supervise and be responsible for the conduct of their athletes at all times during the Alberta Winter Games.


  1. Any and all violations of the Code of Conduct will be brought to the attention of the Mission staff and the respective Chef de Mission.
  2. If necessary, the disciplinary committee will be notified and a hearing will be held with the individual (and coach if applicable) to determine suitable disciplinary action.  The discipline committee consists of the following:  Alberta Sport Connection representative. Zone Chef de Mission Chairperson of the host community Games Society or designate Provincial Sport Association representative
  3. Discipline may range from partial to full suspension of Games privileges, including removal from competition, to complete expulsion from the Games, with the return of the offender at their own expense.
  4. Individuals responsible for willful damage will make full restitution to the host community Games society.
  5. If any situation should arise which requires police intervention, the RCMP will take appropriate action to resolve the situation.
  6. Additional disciplinary actions may be sanctioned by the Provincial Sport Association and Alberta Sport Connection regarding involvement in future Alberta or Canada Games or provincial competitions.
  7. In any situation involving the disciplinary committee, a letter will be sent to the Provincial Sport Association and, if applicable, to the parents of the participant involved.