For Immediate Release: The Rotary Club Of Canmore Becomes Nutritional Sponsor


The Rotary Club of Canmore becomes Nutritional Sponsor

The athletes competing at the 2014 Alberta Winter Games will be eating healthy food thanks to the support of the Canmore Rotary Club.

Karen Greene, the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Canmore says, “ The 2014 Alberta Winter Games is the largest event to come to the Bow Valley since the ’88 Olympics and we see the value of being involved in this opportunity to support youth in sport in our community. Our sponsorship will ensure all the athletes are eating well.”

The Rotary Club of Canmore has donated $25,000 to ensure the food served during the games meets nutritional goals.

Bob Ellard the chair of the 2014 Alberta Winter Games says this donation will allow the games to serve healthy food to the 2,500 athletes coming to the Bow Valley.

Ms. Greene says’ “It’s not just the money we are giving to the games; we are also going to motivate our membership to offer their volunteer support.”

For Immediate Release: TRITECH GROUP Ltd Is 2014 AWG Opening Ceremonies Pre-Show Sponsor

The 2014 Alberta Winter Games has just received the best Christmas present it could have wished for.

Tonight, TRITECH Group presented a cheque for $50,000 to Bob Ellard the chair of the 2014 Alberta Winter Games. Rodger Laking the Operations Manager for the company says TRITECH has been doing a significant amount of work in the Bow Valley and we are part of the community, so we wanted to participate in this major event.

TRITECH has been instrumental in building infrastructure that provides clean water in both Canmore and Banff.
Bob Ellard says, “this is the largest donation the host society has received to date and it will go a long way in helping us to reach our goals”.

The overall budget for the games is $1.6 million dollars.

In just a little over a month the games will begin in both Canmore and Banff from Feb. 6-9th, 2014.
This multi-sport event will bring close to 2,500 athletes (ages 11 – 17), coaches and officials to the Bow Valley.
They will participate in 19 sports. The Games provide an opportunity for many of Canada’s future elite athletes to enjoy their first taste of competition at a provincial level. They also enable visitors and residents to experience the local culture through a variety of performing and visual arts events and activities.